Why are ABRSM Certificates important?

  • ABRSM certificates are internationally accredited as the highest world wide
  • Most universities, either Egyptian and/ or foreign, grant scholarships by offering reduction in tuitions fees up to 33.5% ONLY for holders of Theory & Practical Grade 5.
  • We guarantee that applicant candidates study academically. A fully detailed report on strengths and weaknesses is conducted by ABRSM experts at London.
  • The level of applicant candidates improved noticeably and extremely rapidly due to the spirit of competition which reflects on their perfection and seriousness.
  • Holders of our certificates are offered job opportunities all over the world, international scholarships either in our area of specialization; music or in other field such as medicine, engineering, etc.
  • Easy enrollment to the Syndicate of Egyptian Musicians without tests
  • Having our certificates on your CV is an asset distinguishing you from others in most careers.
  • Receiving many of our certificates implicitly reflects the multiple years of experience and study.
  • Study is pursuable in any other ABRSM branches all over the world.