Kindly follow the registration system after an interview with Dr. Mohamed El Tobgy .

  • Tuition fees are paid in advance on a monthly basis.
  • Class duration is 40 minutes.
  • The course is automatically renewable unless the candidate notifies otherwise.
  • It is not our responsibility if candidate fail to attend any class.
  • Make-up classes are not arranged.
  • Out of our observance to candidate conditions ( such as travel , test ,etc ) a temporary postponement is allowed for long periods only after notification by the candidate at least 4 days in advance . in such case , the candidates name is dropped off from the schedule until renewal of registration with the probability of change in class timing and instructor.
  • In case of absence by the instructor for emergencies , the management immediately provides a replacement with out influencing the educational process . we all follow the standardized books and methods of ABRSM under the supervision of Dr .mohamed EL tobgy who follows up all classes.
  • Practical are offered in individual classes and may be for two persons only according to the wish of the candidate.
  • Out of our keenness of the educational process , candidate may register grade 6 or above in practical only after obtaining the certificate G5 theory.