I'm proud to announce that over the last 15 years this center has been running, 3000 aspiring musicians have from various backgrounds, all ages, differing abilities and diverse professions found time to pursue their passion for music. Distance from classes, prior engagement and various speeds at which each individual takes to learn has done nothing to discourage the student. Manu of my adult students have expressed how music has completed their life and found it an outlet of self-expression, otherwise unexplored in thier normal routines, as one of my students says, "It is so aspiriring, breaking your life monotonous mode and elevating, you just feel you're someone else who does not belong to this chaotic world... i won't quit playing Piano so long as I live if God wills." It is in fact a moment to surrender to your inner feelings through you relationship with your instrument. Let me share with you some intresting facts connected with learning to play a musical instrument. Researchers found that children given piano lessons significantly improved in their spatial- temporal IQ scores (important for some types of mathematical reasoning) compared to children who received computer lessons, casual singing, or no lessons. — Rauscher, F.H., Shaw, G.L., Levine, L.J., Wright, E.L., Dennis, W.R., and Newcomb, R. (1997) Music training causes long-term enhancement of preschool children's spatial temporal reasoning. Neurological Research, 19, 1-8. Source: MENC's Benefits of Music Brochure (Music Education Facts and Figures) Source Date: 2003-01-02 I still had my doubts until i was confronted with the fascinating facts of an eight year old girl with social and schooling difficulties, who took up piano lessons. Now at the age of seventeen she is confident and successful student who leads rather than being lost. The mother feels really proud and grateful for the impact the piano has made to her child's life.

Dr Mohamed ElTobgy