Practical (Performing or Singing)

A test is held once a year by a committee of examiners assigned particularly for this purpose by ABRSM according to the schedule mentioned hereinafter.

The Practical Test is divided into eight grades preceded by the Preparatory Test Each grade is composed of:

Requierments Marks
Scales and arpeggios 21
3 pieces from different centuries 90
Playing at sight 21
Aural tests 18

Grading System:
Full mark = 150, Passed = 100, Passed with Merit = 120- 129, Passed with Distinction = 130- 150

General Notes:
  • Most of the instruments pieces are made available on CDs
  • Playing and singing are offered in individual classes and may be for two persons only according to the wish of the candidate
  • A candidate may register Grade 6 in (Performing or singing ONLY after obtaining the certificate G5 Theory
  • For registration, kindly follow the registration system after an interview with Dr. Mohamed El Tobgy
  • The below-mentioned schedule is valid and should be observed
  • Tuition fees are paid in advance on a monthly basis
  • Class duration is 40 minutes
  • The course is automatically renewable UNLESS the candidate advises otherwise
  • It is not our responsibility if you fail to attend any class
  • Make-up classes are not arranged
  • Out of our observance to candidate conditions (such as travel, test, etc.), a temporary postponement is allowed for long periods ONLY after notification by the candidate at least 4 days in advance. In such case, the candidate‚Äôs name is dropped off from the schedule until renewal of registration with the probability of change in class timing and instructor.
  • In case of absence by the instructor for emergencies, the management immediately provides a replacement without influencing the educational process. We all follow the standardized books and methods of ABRSM under the supervision of Dr. Mohamed El Tobgy who follows up all classes.
  • Out of our keenness of the educational process, candidates MAY NOT be accompanied into the rooms except if two persons are enrolled together.